Bubble Tool Tips are very useful to provide information about a link. If the mouse is moved over the link (hover) so automatically bubble tool tips will come out and show the information you need. Usually Bubble Tool Tips to make this some people call him with a javascript that will burden the blog with a very large size. Well this is the trick that uses pure CSS as the calling code.
This trick is created using CSS, and this source code:

Examples of writing code can be found here:
<a class="bt" href="YOUR URL">
write here link name
<span class="bubbletips">
<span class="top">
<span class="middle">
Places you write info about the link that will appear as a form of balloons
<span class="bottom">
good luck!


Nice information and thanks for shared my friend,always succes for you and don't forget keep in touch with me...:D

This is great, am just doing my homework in CSS and adding a "hover bubble" will be fantastic! I'll give it a try now, thanks a lot! :)


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