On occasion this time I would try to review on how to install the print facility in your blog / website. By installing unrivaled print on the blog, it is much easier for readers of the blog / website that we want to read articles offline.
Giving Facilities
To avoid confusion, I choose a simple but still functioning properly install the script is simple but functioning properly. There are many manufacturer sites link to print berderetan dock with the printer-shaped icon, and therefore I will try to make a link to print along with the print icon.

For the script print facility, you just use the script below (please replace the image with your own address):
<a href="javascript:print(document)"> <img src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_vJyBmxm3NVk/S9gP2sHj6wI/AAAAAAAAAxI/-9HTv325Y3A/s200/printer.png" alt="print this page" border="0"/>&#160;Print this page</a>

Then it will be like this (please click to prove it):
print this page Print this page

Apart form the link, there are also installing these facilities in the form of a button, the code like this:
<form> <input type="button" value="Print this page" Onclick="print()" ;> </form>

Then it will be like this (please click to prove it):

Good luck!

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