Free Classifieds Website script, this script is perfect if it is used to create a portal website free classifieds.

This script has many advantages including:
1. Post an ad without registration.
2. Ads can be performed directly on web pages.
Demo Website | Demo Admin
Login : admin | Password : admin

This script also has several modules that bersifal modular, so can be reduced and add modules. You can also ON-OFF in a module that is not desired.

1. Module Publisher: to create an online news media
2. Catalog module: to create a catalog or Web site directory
3. Modules About: to display the profile or portal
4. Module Content: for melisting content or portal menu
5. Module Information: Display the information in a format chapters and sections
6. Module Discussion: to create an online discussion forum
7. Poll module: to create a poll
8. Main page: to display the front cover or a major review on the website
9. Form Mail: to send email to webmaster
10. Tell a Friend: Your portal to recommend to another friend
11. Photo Gallery Module
12. Mailing List Module

Download Endonesia 8.4 Free Classifieds Website script


Where and how can i use this free web scripts?

script that is here has been provided along with its database. so you just download and use it as they pleased :D

Terimaksih pak, script yg sangat bagus dan bisa buat jualan online, sukses selalu buat anda..


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