BIO Script is a script that is used to help you sell your product or service ebook.

  • Each member / buyer who joined the business you automatically will have a replication site in accordance with their respective username, for example:
  • Commission payments automatically. Each member who joins your business if actively promote and member gets a new member then the process a reseller commission payments are automatically entered in his bank account without your intervention.

  • All members get a Control Panel facility member area in accordance with the username and password respectively, and in this space, members can:
    - Downloading a product that you offer.
    - Meng-Edit Profile (including changing the email and password).
    - Blocking / her member who has not paid off.
    - Member Listings / View a list of all members.
    - Send mass emails to active members - Non-Active - All member.
  • Automated Transaction Report. Each Member received a report of all transactions that occurred on replicating website via email respectively.
  • Editing Profile Every member has the facility to change the personal data: password, name, email, bank data, etc. Address.
  • See all members. Each Member can view a list of members (active and non active) which join the sponsoring member has it.
  • Blocking member. Each member is entitled to block the membership of new members that have been activated by admin, in which members are allegedly not doing the transfer transaction.

  • Automated Transaction Report from all members. As an administrator, you will receive a report transactions that occur on your website from all member sponsoring, complete with data. This report will go to your email.
  • The contact that occurred on the website will go straight to the email admin (administrator).
  • See all members. Admin can view a list of all the good that has been an active member or a non-active is still complete with its sponsor data, in addition to the admin can also delete the data member who allegedly is a SPAM or otherwise.
  • Switch to Member. If after no member who checked the transaction administrator (manager) can directly activate member concerned. With one click, the member will automatically be activated and sent 3 (three) as well as email confirmation (an email to members, sponsors and admin).
  • Me-Off Committee. Admin reserves the right to temporarily disable an account member who allegedly engaged in the promotion of SPAM.
  • Bulk Email to all members. In order to disseminate the latest information on the admin provided with facilities to send emails in bulk to seluluh member. Delivery methods can be selected, to an active, non-active member or to all members.
  • Input / delete News. As an administrator / manager, you can freely enter and delete news (news) that are related to activities of the website (business) of your admin area. News-beritaini will be displayed on the page main website News on the menu.
  • Statistics. With this facility you can monitor your business activity statistics.
  • Edit Data Admin In this feature, as the admin are free to do the settings on the configuration of the website. Start Editing password, change email, change the price of the product, change the percentage of resellers, etc. Bank data.
  • Testimonials input. To convince prospective members, testimonials or testimony is very important to be displayed on the website. Therefore in this facility administrators can freely enter and delete data very easily testimonials

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Password : demo77

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