Of this system is adopted Randomizer System and Spill Over System combined with the Automatic Money Machine System which is currently used on the internet is very warm the world as one of the Money Machine.

Facilities for active members, among others:

  • Duplicate the exact URL to this URL for promotional purposes.
  • This page downloaded the product.
  • Page download bonus.
  • Page to fill testimonials / testimony on your satisfaction.
  • Page statement of your commission situation.
  • Page to make contact administrator.
  • Page to make a withdrawal commission (commission withdrawal) automatically.
  • Page to post classified ads for free, as an active member.
  • Consulting to Management.
  • A confirmation page to the Admin, that you have made payment.
  • Page for editing / updating member data.
  • Page to send a commission to the downline.
  • Page to view transaction history and transfer commission.
  • Helaman to view news submissions manager.
  • And so forth.

Demo Script : http://script55.rajascript.com/
Demo Admin : http://script55.rajascript.com/administrator

Login : admin
Password : 123456

Download MLM Script Online Store :

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