Changing the background color of the website with the help of javascript. Before that, I'll give a little understanding of javascript. JavaScript is a prototype-based programming language that runs client side, so I need to install a web server to run it deh localhost first. If we are talking in the context of the web, quite simply, we can understand the JavaScript as a programming language that runs in the browser.

There are several things that must be considered in the management of the JavaScript programming, including JavaScript is a "case sensitive", which means JavaScript distinguish uppercase and lowercase letters, If you ever learn programming languages such as Turbo C or C, the same as the programming language, where letters T is not the same with the letter t. In the JavaScript programming language, too, as an example of the command function should not be written Var var and also should not be written in VAR (capital letters), the truth is var (all lowercase). Other commands are new Date new date must not be written (all lowercase), and many others.

Well, that's about our understanding of javascript. Jump aja deh. Just click the link below:

Red Color
Blue Color
Green Color

Well, now I will give the javascript code to create links that can turn the color of the background of the website. Here is their website:

Please save it on a web page or blog, then immediately deh tuh test scripts.

A little explanation to set the code above.

First we save paper Red, Blue and Green Color in <a> tag that means providing a link. But let me not run when you click to another page, then we fill it with a hash mark href (#).

onMouseOver = "document.bgColor = 'blue'"

The above code means that when the cursor is above the text, then run the command to change the background color with javascript document.bgColor = 'blue'.

So, if you want to change the color blue text please replace with another color.


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