Best SEO Blogger Template
Blogspot templates are very SEO Friendly. Evidently there are a lot of improvement when using this template in just a few weeks!
Can improve your keywords shots so your blog will be crowded visitors with unique IP.


- SEO Friendly
- Visitor Friendly
- Equipped with dynamic meta description tag and keywords automatically (meta tags required to avoid duplicate meta description & keywords)
- Equipped with some additional meta tags to make robots crawl your blog.
- Equipped with Dinamic heading (h1 in the header in the index, and h1 in the title of the post on post pages)
- Can berfungis 2 or 3 coloum coloum
- Very nice to supplement their income from adsense (see ad on blog demo application)
- Views differ for admin comment
- Quicklink to comment box
- Already there Autoreadmore
- There is already a Related Post with Thumnail (Related article with pictures)
- There is already a widget "Share" from AddThis
- Loading is very fast
- The concept of minimalist and simple
- Etc.

Download Best SEO Blogger Template :
Mirror :


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